Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Update  – 5/9/2021

For almost a year, Webster at Rye has been following the guidance for phased re-openings of healthcare facilities as put forth by CMS and the NH Department of Public Health.  Several days ago, CMS announced that they would now be aligning their visitation requirements to match CDC guidance.  The “phases” we have been following have been eliminated which does bring about some major changes for us all.

Here is the new guidance classified now as “Universal Best Practices”:  We apologize for the length but it is important that you read all the way through to ensure you understand the new requirements:

  • Visitations will now occur 7 days a week.  For the Nursing Home, visiting hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:30am – 4:30pm and Sundays from 10:30am – 3:00pm.  For Assisted Living and Memory Care, visiting hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:30am – 4:30pm and Sundays from 9:30am – 3:00pm.


  • It is no longer necessary to schedule your visit in advance.  You may choose to come on a day that fits best with your schedule.  The online sign-ups are being removed.  (Those who previously scheduled a visit online may still come at that time if you wish).


  • All visitors must still enter the main entrance and be screened for temperature and symptoms upon arrival.  Those not passing the visitor screening will not be allowed to enter and your visit will need to be rescheduled.


  • All visitors must sign in and out at the same entrance at the start and end of their visit.  Please do not exit the building from a different door until you have signed out.


  • Visitors are to go directly to the location of the visit and leave immediately after.  They are not to wander or visit any other parts of the building.


  • Indoor Visitation is still limited to no more than 2 persons at a time (this includes children).  Children are only permitted indoors if they can adhere to any masking requirements.  Please note that if you arrive for a visit and your loved one is currently visiting with someone else, you will need to be patient and wait as we will continue to enforce the two person limit.


  • Larger gatherings of more than 2 are now permissible IF the visitation occurs outside.


  • If the Resident and visitor are FULLY VACCINATED, as long as they are alone in a private setting (such as a Resident’s room), they may remove their mask and can be in close contact.  However, if visitation occurs in the room and a roommate is present or if they a visiting in a public area, regardless of vaccination status, everyone must wear their mask at all times.


  • Fully vaccinated Residents and visitors may remove masks during outside visits.


  • Please remember that masks may only be removed during your visit.  They must be worn when you enter the building to be screened and when you are exiting the building.


  • UNVACCINATED Residents OR visitors may visit (inside or outside).  However, masks must be worn at ALL times by everyone, there is to be no sharing of food/drink and social distancing must be maintained.


  • Residents subject to any required quarantine must follow appropriate quarantine protocols and will only be allowed to have closed window visits.


  • It is now permissible for Residents to leave the facility for non-emergent or non-medical reasons (such a car ride or visit home with a loved one).  Requirements for these outings remain a bit vague, but are predicated on RISK ASSESSMENT.  In basic terms, what is the risk of the activity you are doing and what mitigations are you putting in place to decrease any risk of exposure to the Resident or this facility.  (For example, if you were going for a car ride or a visit home and all individuals are fully vaccinated, you could remove masks and social distancing requirements.  However, if even one person at that location was unvaccinated, you would be required to wear masks and socially distance at all times).  If you have any questions about what you should or shouldn’t do and the requirements involved, please don’t hesitate to ask as we welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure you and your loved one remain safe.


We are excited for these new changes that allow our Residents and families more freedom and flexibility to begin to return what feels like “normal”.  However, in all honesty, these changes do bring us a sense of apprehension and anxiety.  We know vaccines are never 100% fool proof.  It IS possible to be vaccinated and still contract and spread COVID-19 while remaining asymptomatic.  We also know that as Residents leave our sight and  venture into the community, we cannot be there to monitor and ensure that all proper precautions are being followed.  We must rely on the honesty and integrity of our families and friends that they are remaining vigilant and cautious at all times and are not taking any unnecessary risks.  A COVID-19 outbreak would end all these new freedoms and we will find ourselves, once again, locked down and very restricted in what we can or cannot allow.

As always, COVID-19 remains a very fluid situation and this guidance is subject to change.  We will certainly keep you posted as we go along.   But for now, we march forward!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to speak with you and provide any guidance that would be helpful.

We wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families!