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Cropped shot of a young woman and her senior motherRannie Webster Foundation Endowment Funds

As a nation of generous people, we embrace the importance of charitable endeavors for those less fortunate than us, and the overall betterment of our society. Most frequently, such charitable activity has been designed to be beneficial to the donor as well as the recipient.

The Rannie Webster Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity, established at the bequest of Ms. Rannie Webster, owns and operates Webster at Rye Skilled Rehabilitation, Nursing Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. Ms. Webster envisioned this home being available to individuals regardless of their financial status. As such, the Trustees of the Rannie Webster Foundation have established Endowment Funds, which are used to help support those individuals who are unable to fully support themselves.

Charitable Gift Deductions

Since first opening, Webster at Rye has expanded its scope of services to include Skilled Rehabilitation, Outpatient Therapy, Long-Term Nursing Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, your charitable donations to the Rannie Webster Foundation are 100% deductible up to a full 50% of your adjusted gross income. Charitable contributions help us meet our mission of providing ongoing assistance to those who lack financial resources.

Through its participation in the New Hampshire Medicaid program and Webster’s own assistance program, residents of Webster at Rye are currently receiving well over $1 million per year of subsidized care. The Foundation has undertaken an endowment development program to help ensure its ability to continue assisting those with “lack of means” throughout the years to come.

Giving Through Bequests

Much as the initial bequest by Ms. Rannie Webster led to the establishment of the Rannie Webster Foundation, memorial donations and bequests provide a real opportunity for personal satisfaction – the reward of knowing that your contributions and bequests reflect your own values and will ultimately benefit your friends and neighbors.

If the mission of caring that initially inspired the development of the Rannie Webster Foundation Endowment Funds is a cause that you think is important, please consider making a bequest.

Memorial Donations

Asking friends and family to honor the memory of your loved one at the time of their passing through a charitable donation to a Webster at Rye Endowment Fund can provide those who know and love them with an opportunity to make a meaningful gesture on their behalf.

The Foundation is committed to a long-range development campaign to ensure its ability to continue to provide for those in financial need. Your generosity is important in helping the Foundation reach these goals. Click here to have someone contact you about how you can help.

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